About us

Welcome to Balkan Dance for Fitness. We are a small international group of enthusiasts which started in June 2021 in order to popularise Balkan dance as a great way to get fitter and more active in a fun social setting. We meet every Friday 7‑8pm in Trumpington, Cambridge (UK).

We learn and practice fast-paced and dynamic (non-couple) dances, mainly from Bulgaria and Greece, but also from other parts of the world - Turkish Thrace, Pontic region, Middle East, Caucasus nations, and beyond. Our main aim is to get an intense cardio workout, while learning something new, enjoying a cultural experience, and – above all – having fun.

We welcome everyone interested to try Balkan dance and we are always keen to hear from people willing to teach dynamic (non-couple) dances from any part of the world. We are not-for-profit, but we ask attendees to make a small contribution (£3) towards covering costs.

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